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Members of the public have again been urged to follow formal approach to verify the status of any landed property before consummating the transaction in Lagos State.

They have also been advised to endeavour to obtain land information from the Office of Surveyor-General to ensure proper validation of titles from the State Land Registry before purchasing any landed property.

In a statement by the State Lands Bureau, members of public were also alerted against the act of individuals, families and communities who engage in widespread indiscriminate and illegal sale of Government acquired land in Lagos State.

“Unsuspecting members of the public are therefore, enjoined to take necessary precaution by verifying the status of any landed property, to avoid litigation and wastage of their hard earned financial resources”.

It is a common knowledge that there is increasing illegal activities of fraudsters who deceive unsuspecting members of the public based on unconfirmed claim that they are the owners of such lands, the statement added.



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